J.A Henckels International Mikado 15-Piece Block Knife Set Reviews

J.A Henckels International Mikado 15-Piece Block Knife Set ReviewsThose who are looking for a complete knife set, there is no doubt that the J.A. Henckels International Mikado 15-Piece Block Knife Set will be something that might serve the purpose. It comes with a number of features and functionalities. It would therefore be worthwhile to have a closer look at the same and draw a conclusion taking into account pros, cons and also by looking at various customer reviews.

Features of the J. A. Henckels International Classic 7-pc Knife Block Set

First Key Features Of The Product

It is one of the few knives that come with authentic Japanese handles which aids in a very strong grip. This is something that may not be available with other brands of knife sets available in the market. Further the Mikado Character on the end certainly adds a lot of prestige to the owner of this knife.

Second Key Features Of The Product

The J.A. Henckels International Mikado 15-Piece Block Knife Set is perfectly suited for dishwashing though the manufacturers recommend hand wash purely from the durability point of view. The knife block is made from high quality bamboo that provides it with a very ethnic and classical look.

Third Key Features Of The Product

The product comes from the house of J.A. Henckels who have rich experience in offering some of the best knife sets to their customers. This particular model also lives up to the reputation of being another masterpiece from the stables of J.A. Henckels. The blades are made from top quality German steel and therefore one can expect precision edge apart from offering the best of balance and weight. The cost at which it is available is also another important factor that makes this a very attractive buy considering the quality of the blade, wood and overall looks and appearances.

Pros Of The Product

There are quite a few advantages associated with this product and here are a few that are worth mention:

  • The knife blades are without any doubt the takeaway as far as this product is concerned. It is razor sharp and can cut through even the most difficult surfaces with ease.
  • For those who have a lot of chopping work to do, the knife will certainly walk the talk as far as its promises are concerned.
  • It is very ergonomically designed combining looks with convenient gripping and cutting.
  • The blades stay in good condition even after many uses and are totally rust proof.

Customer Reviews And Scores

There are around five reviews available for this knife set on Amazon.com. it is gratifying to note that 3 reviewers have awarded 5 star rating to the product. One user each has awarded 2 star and 1 star rating respectively to the knife set. Though a mixed bag, there are reasons to believe that the product delivers on it promise. The reviews from customers have a lot of positives to talk about the razor sharp blades, the bamboo block, the Hikado emblem amongst other things. There are others who have talked positively about the ergonomic design features. Last but not the least, many customers have bought this product simply because it has come from the stable of J.A.Henckels.

Cons Of The Product

Like any other knife sets available in the market, there is no doubt that this knife set also has not been able to satisfy all the customers who have used it. While some users have sung lot of accolades about the sharp nature of the blades, there are others who are downright disappointed. They have stated that this knife is not good when it comes to cutting hard surfaces and at best can be used only for ordinary cutting jobs. There are others who talk about the various Chinese brands that perform equally well at costs that are much lower. There are a few more users who have complained about the poor quality of packaging which presumably has damaged the knife when it was delivered to them.


After having a close look at the various features, specifications, reviews, pros and cons of the product, there is reason to believe that this is a good product that offers very good value for money. There are some minor issues related to packaging which if taken care of would certainly make this a much sought after product.

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