J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Forged Premio 17-Piece Block Knife Set Reviews

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Forged Premio 17-Piece Block Knife Set ReviewsYour long wait for a polished, shiny and sharp super knife made up of a hard metal has ultimately come to an end. No more compromise with your old blunt knife that makes your cutting and chopping experience a night mare. Now, welcome the most sophisticated and stylish J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Forged Premio 17-Piece Block Knife Set in your kitchen and cut down your cooking hassles by half. These 17 pieces of tough and sharp metal knives will not only ease up your cutting and chopping tasks but also enhance the decor of your kitchen by their shiny and fashionable looks.

J.A Henckels International 17 piece knife set is a complete answer for all your cutting needs in the kitchen. Peeling, cutting medium sized vegetables, bread slicing, dicing, chopping, mincing, removing bones from meat and fish are going to be just a child play for you with these knives. These tasks use to take hours before you actually start up with cooking. Now, complete all this difficult cutting tasks in no time. Just hold their comfortable ergonomic handle and start cutting with ease without exerting too much pressure on the knives. The 9’’ sharp stainless blade will cut each of your items exactly in the shape that you want. This smart and stylish set of knife has scored 5 out of 5 star based on its unmatched cutting skill and ability.

Key Features of this Knife

The three most sticking features of these knives are mentioned below:


The first thing that you look for in any knife before you buy is its sharpness. The sharper it is the better it cuts. The sharpness of these knives is simply wonderful as they are made up of pure stainless steel coming with super sharp feature and retain their sharpness for a lifetime. You will have an exceptional cutting and chopping experience with these knives.


This 17 piece knife set comes with a wide variety of cutting features. You can cut soft bread to hard vegetables with the different types of knives coming in this set. Each piece of knife has got different job to be done and hence they perform all the cutting requirements in your kitchen very easily. The 17 set knife set includes 3’’ paring knife, 8’’chief knife, 5.5’’ boning knife, 4.5’’ stamped knife which are just a few powerful knives from this useful knife set. You never have to look for any other knives for your kitchen as this set is a complete package specially designed to fulfill all the cutting needs of your kitchen.


Each piece of knife is made up of high grade stainless steel. As such they maintain their toughness with a stylish look for the whole lifetime. These knives don’t get rust or stain even if they are handled roughly. Your ultimate search for a high performance knife surely ends with J.J international 17 piece knife set.


  • They cut each piece of your cooking item very precisely.
  • Washing of these knives is very easy. You can simply clean them with dishwasher using any detergent.
  • These knives maintain their cutting performance for long years to come.
  • These stainless knives don’t get rusted or discolored even in the long run.
  • The ergonomic handle gives maximum comfort to your hand and allows you to have a strong grip on the knife.
  • The sharpness of these knives doesn’t get blunted even by 1% after a long use. Hence, you will get an enjoyable cutting experience for your entire life.
  • The knife set is highly affordable with a price of $199.94 on Amazon. Here on the purchase of this knife set you can save $210.06.

Customer scores and review

As you know, the ultimate decision makers are the customers. It’s the customers who decide the actual capability of a product. And this knife set stand out to be great product as its customers. Till date out of 4 satisfied customer reviews this J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Forged Premio 17-Piece Block Knife Set has successfully scored 5 out of 5stars. This is a great achievement which justifies its high quality and best performance. J. A. Henckels Knife Set

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  • The knife set comes with super sharp feature. Hence, it needs to be kept away from the reach of children.
  • The right kind of knife should be used to cut your cooking items. Otherwise, you might not get the satisfactory cutting experience.
  • The knife set is designed and manufactured for cutting kitchen items only. If used to cut metals it might lose it’s the sharpness.

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Forged Premio 17-Piece Block Knife Set is a must buy product for every kitchen for its unique sharpness and best quality. This 17 set knife set is designed to meet the cutting requirement of each and every item in your kitchen. The stainless metal used to make these knives never lose its sharpness and looks the same even after a long time. For each and every woman it is undoubtedly the best value for money product for their kitchen. And if you are a man, this set is the best gift to please your wife as it will surely reduce her cooking problems by 70%.

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