J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 16-pc Knife Block Set Reviews

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 16-pc Knife Block Set ReviewsAre your old and blunt knives making cutting and chopping a terrifying experience for you every day? But, now you have a reason to enter your kitchen with a smile! New advanced and fashionable J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 16-pc Knife Block Set comes with a guarantee to complete all your cutting and chopping works in just a few minutes. You will just fall in love with the exceptional design of each and every piece in this knife. And its high carbon German stainless steel ensures tough quality with lifetime durability.

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 16-pc Knife Block Set is designed to accomplish all your cutting needs smoothly as it comprises of dedicated knives for each and every purpose. Now cutting, peeling, chopping, mincing, removing bones, paring medium to large sized vegetables is no more going to be hectic and time-taking. Rather these will be a smooth exercise and will get over in just a few minutes. The perfect tang-triple handle give you perfect griping with extraordinary cutting experience you have ever dreamt off. Because of its unique 16 pieces of knives and super sharp features J.A Henckels knife set is one of the best selling knife set in the market. It has successfully scored 4.4 out of 5 star rating on Amazon that speaks about its high functionality and effectiveness.

Best Features of J.A Henckels International Knives

This classic set of knife comes with all the features and functionalities that were absent in your old and dull knife. The best three striking features of this knife set are mentioned below:

Sharpness: Each piece is made up of high carbon German stainless steel ensuring its super sharpness. It not only does all your cutting works in minutes but does them with precision. Its extraordinary sharpness will complete all your cutting, chopping and peeling works in just a few minutes. Hence, with this knife your cutting work in kitchen is going to be absolutely effortless.

Variety: The best feature of this classic knife set that it comes with 16 advanced pieces of knife that can accomplish all your cutting works in kitchen. You will get a 4 inch knife for paring, a 5 inch knife for utility purpose and two 8 inch knives for carving and chef purpose. The flat carving knife of 7 inch, 8 steak knives of 4-5 inch and last but not the least a sharp 9 inch long steel knife makes it a perfection knife set to serve all kinds of kitchen requirements. Apart from this, you will also get a hardwood knife block with this set.

Durability: The first and foremost concern for each and every product you buy is its durability. J.A Henckels knives made of high grade stainless steel retains its shine and sharpness for a life time. Working under tough condition keeping the quality in best form for the life time is one of its unique quality.


  • You will enjoy the pleasure of precise cutting with these knives.
  • The fashionable knife set will enhance the decor of your kitchen.
  • The high grade stainless steel offers it super sharpness guaranteed for a lifetime.
  • You will not find slightest trace of stain or rust even after many years of rough use.
  • The tang triple rivet handle gives you a strong and comfortable griping power.
  • You can have this master piece in just $194.50 and save up to $298.50 on Amazon with free home delivery.

Customer Scores and Reviews

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 16-pc Knife Block Set Reviews
It seems people from every walk of life have been waiting for this set of knife. J.A Henckels international knives have received a warm welcome from its customers with all positive words. Out of 21 satisfied customer’s reviews, this knife set has successfully scored 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. And that’s enough to speak about its unmatched quality and stylish look.

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  • You need to keep it away from children as its super sharp edge can cause harm to them.
  • Some customers did not get satisfactory cutting experience from this knife because they used the knife to cut hard metal. But, this knife set is exclusively designed for kitchen purpose only.
  • Few customers reported that all the knives don’t work on all kinds of items. This is because they didn’t use the right knife for right purpose.

Final Verdict

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic 16-pc Knife Block Set is a must buy product for your kitchen. This 16 knives set is a complete answer for all your kitchen needs and completes your entire cutting preparation in just a few minutes. As a result, with this knife your cooking time is surely going to get reduced by 60%. High grade stainless steel with exceptional super sharp features in a very affordable price makes it the best value for money product.

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