How to Choose The Right JA Henckels Knife Set?

How to Choose The Right JA Henckels Knife SetHenkel knives are among the best-performing knives available on the market today. They provide fancy designs. Buying a knife set is far better than buying a single knife. When you buy a knife set, you receive better knives that can be used for all purposes, for example, cutting vegetables, cutting bread, pairing and much more. Buying the right set will not only provide the versatility you need but also provide years of quality use. Are you questioning how to choose the right JA Henckels knife set? We are here to help you.

1.Consider that the set has every knife you need

A perfect knife set will contain almost every knife you want. Just to mention few knives that you need include

  • Utility knives– used if the paring knife feels small and uncomfortable.
  • Chef knife– used for slicing meat and cheeses.
  • Bread knife– for slicing bread and very soft vegetables.
  • Steak knives– for dinner purposes for individuals who need to cut pieces of meat.
  • Paring knife– for finer tasks like trimming fat from meat.
  • Boning knife-ideal for filleting fish, skinning meat and bone removal.
  • Carving knife– designed to for creating thin cuts of meat from chicken and other large meats.
  • Santoku knife– a Japanese knife used to chop, dice and slice foods, used like the chef’s knife.

When you have the correct balance of knives in your set, you will be surprised by how easy cutting will be since every cutting task has the right knife. Ensure that the set has sharpening steel for your knives, a bamboo storage block and that the set has a warranty.

2. Material used to make the handles

The material used to construct a knife may affect the performance of the knife. It can affect stress-free how a knife is held, which can differentiate secure cooking session from the injury cooking. The commonly used materials are:

  1. Stainless steel- it is easy to clean and durable. It, however, makes the knife heavy disrupting its performance. Ensure that the steel knives in your knife set have contours and texture on the handle to avoid slipperiness.
  2. Composite- these are handled with laminated wood and plastic Lesin. They require low maintenance and offer durability.
  3. Plastic- they are non-absorbent and very easy to maintain. However, they become slippery in wet conditions.
  4. Wood- they require very careful cleaning to prevent them from becoming unsanitary and warping.

Choosing a JA Henckels set that provided all the four materials for handles is one of the best factors to consider.

3. The knives should have the full tang design

It means that different knives are made with a solid piece of metal with two handle pieces pinned to the blade. You will have much stronger knives than having the half tang designed blades. However, you can choose to buy the tapered tangs where the tang width decreases along the handle’s length. Knives with full and tapered tang designs have a better balance.

Sharpness– every knife should be sharp enough to perform all tasks efficiently. A dull knife makes slicing, cutting and dicing even more difficult. It is even more dangerous to the person using the knife as it can slip and cause injury. Looking for knives that hold the edge well will make the sharpening work easier.

Grip– a knife with a grip is safe to use. It doesn’t slip from your hand and provides the balance and the comfort you need by just the blade and the handle.

Blade type

Due to the rising competition of knives production, industries are looking for ways to craft blades. You should avoid blades with thinner and with lower quality steel to avoid loss and frustration. Forged knives are the best quality knives today. Their blades are created under extreme heat. Additionally, they have the balance you need; they are also heavy, and durable.

The stamped knives, on the other hand, are lighter, more flexible than the forged blades.

You can also consider the finish of the blades. Ensure that your set has heavier forged knives and good quality stamped knives.


JA Henckels provides all qualities of knife sets, leaving you with a decision to make. You should buy quality products to save time and possible maintenance costs in future.

Buy the knife set that covers the above considerations and make an addition to your table setting.

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